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  • Fastener designed to attach steel roofing & siding used in post-frame & residential metal roofing applications.
  • Threads transition from fine to coarse to generate superior holding strength in various wood substrates.
  • Micro-Bit point reduces metal shavings that can embed themselves in the rubber washer.
  • EPDM rubber is vulcanized to a steel washer to form an excellent seal even when driven at an angle.
  • Insulation

  • MWI Single/Double Bubble Insulation
    • Anco Textrafine

    Marco Industries

    Stillwater Metal LLC uses Marco Industries Products for our Closure / Sealant Systems.

    Closure-Foam™ is economically priced without sacrificing quality. Our crosslink polyethylene foam has a unique coating that gives it better UV resistance and better durability than the industry standard. Independent testing confirms Marco’s 1.5 density foam provides better UV stability than competitive products with a 2.0 density.

    Malco Tools

    Stillwater Metal LLC uses Malco Tools.

    Just the right tools for crimping, bending, folding or seaming metal. Today, Malco continues the tradition of quality and innovation, and distributes thousands of products from its Annandale, MN headquarters to trade professionals in the U.S. and around the globe.

    Paint & Finishing Options

    AkzoNobel CERAM-A-STAR 1050

    CERAM-A-STAR 1050 is a silicone-modified polyester coil coating system designed exclusively for the metal construction industry. Is the industry’s strongest and best-performing SMP paint system.

    Available since 2005, only CERAM-A-STAR 1050 is proven to perform over the long term, so building owners can enjoy years of protection and lasting color.

    CERAM-A-STAR 1050 is uniquely formulated to resist the damaging effects of time and weather. Smart building owners understand there are differences between paint systems – so they choose CERAM-A-STAR 1050 knowing it will perform and retain its beauty over the long term.

    Available in 15 Colors and Galvalume Finish

    Sherwin Williams WeatherXL Crinkle Finish

    Sherwin Williams WeatherXL Crinkle Finish Is a uniquely textured finish that takes your roof or siding to the next level.

    WeatherXLTM Crinkle Finish harnesses breakthrough technology to combine the look of authentic shingles and the durability of modern coatings as well as unique appearances for wall panels.

    The unique texture redirects light for enhanced visual depth, promising a step-change improvement over flat-panels’ appearance. The coating has been responsively designed, so its subtle shading mirrors the eye’s natural horizontal motion.

    Formulated with enhanced WeatherXLTM silicone polyester, this product delivers proven superior quality for outstanding performance. For all its beauty, it features an enduring weatherability to resist fading, scratching and chalking.

    Available in 15 Colors

    DripStop Condensation Control

    Fights Condensation without insulation, avoid the challenges that come with traditional moisture barriers.

    It is Durable, very difficult to cut or slice through, which make it perfect for self-storage, equipment storage, carport, and garage applications.

    Easy to maintain, there are no problems with birds nesting.

    Looks great and it’s easy to clean, a hose or pressure washer can easily be used to clean if needed.

    Fights corrosion, tests show that it adds another layer of protection specifically from the corrosive elements in livestock confinement.

    Reduces external and internal noise, studies show rain and echo sounds reduced on average by at least 20%.