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StillWater Metal LLC

Stillwater Metal manufacturers steel paneling (ag, r and standing seam) to the inch and steel trim to the bend. With the technology and facilities we have available, there are very little demands we can’t meet in house.

We also provide the best screws, insulation, closures, roof boots and anything else you would need to finish a project. We provide everything except putting it on for you, but we have certified contractors that we can put you in contact with for that.

Dustin McCullough
Sam Hostestler
Steven McCullough

Delivery services

We will deliver our products directly to your work site (within range of home office).

20+ Years Contracting

Using our knowledge from installing metal siding and roofing for over 10 years, we design our products and accessories to be easy for you.

Smart Technology

We use the latest in machinery from Bradbury to produce custom orders quickly.

Long Lasting

Metal roofing and siding can outlast typical pressed shingles and siding (With proper care) by 30 years.

Reliable Product, Reliable Service, Small Business Mentality.

We Use The Best Products On The Market.

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